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Moyock, NC

Smothered House Sirloin


8oz. sirloin. Topped with grilled onions & mushrooms. Served with baked Yukon potato and choice of veggie.

Meat Temp:Rare Med Rare Medium Medium Well Well Done
Baked Potato:BP Plain BP Loaded +$1BP Add Butter BP Add Sour Cream BP Add Bacon +$0.50BP Add Cheese +$0.50BP Extra Butter +$0.50BP Extra Sour Cream +$0.50BP Extra Bacon +$0.50BP Extra Cheese +$0.50Sub Fries For BP +$1Sub Sweet Fries for BP +$1.50Sub Side Caesar for BP +$1.50Sub Veg For Potato No Potato
Veggie:Broccoli Green Beans No Veggie Asparagus
Sirloin Mods:No Onions No Mushrooms
Side Subs:Sub Fries for BP Sub Chips for BP Sub Slaw for Veg