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Moyock, NC

16" Pizza


Hand tossed 16'' load it up with toppings of your choice

Toppings:*WHOLE* Half Cheese Bacon +$2.50Canadian Bacon +$2.50Jalapenos +$1.50Mushrooms +$1.50Onions +$1.50White Onion +$1.50Pepperoni +$2.50Peppers +$1.50Sausage +$2.50Ham +$2.50Olives +$1.50Banana Peppers +$1.50Pineapple +$1.50Tomatoes +$1.50Chicken +$4Shaved Steak +$4Light Sauce Light Cheese
Extra Toppings:Extra Bacon +$2Extra Jalapenos +$1.50Extra Mushrooms +$1.50Extra Onions +$1.50Extra Pepperoni +$2Extra Peppers +$1.50Extra Cheese +$1.75Extra Sausage +$2
Extra Dressings:Extra Marinara +$0.75Extra Ranch +$0.75Extra Sriracha Ranch +$0.75Extra Side Marinara +$0.75Extra Side Petal Sauce +$0.75Extra Side Teriyaki Sauce +$0.75Extra Side BBQ +$0.75Extra Lemon Garlic Aioli +$0.75Extra Tartar +$0.75extra thai chili +$0.75